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New to our ferret family!

We rescued two more ferrets... people ask me how we can handle 4 ferrets, which I find odd, as I know several people who have 3 and 4 cats (or more).

Anyway, here they are... they are both female, around 1 year in age. We named them 'Luna' and 'Fiona'.

Fiona appears to be a Marshall (by her ear tattoo), but Luna has no tattoos or other such identifying marks.

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They are quite a lot of fun. I think we're going to stop at 4 for now, though...


We got Finnius & Talula a playpen, and a 20 ft. clear tube that they love. We also got a few toys and some mini traffic cones from the dollar store that we like to hide treats under and watch Fin knock them over to get the treat out. He is treat-obsessed. We break them into small pieces so he doesn't get more than the recommended amount every day.

And, of course, I have more pictures =)

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new family members!!

My husband and I recently rescued 2 ferrets from a local ferret shelter. They were already bonded, and came to the shelter together. They're a bit older (both around age 3) but very playful and energetic, and very, very sweet. They are a male and female pair, originally Marshall ferrets by their tattoos. We have known for awhile that we wanted more ferrets, and decided to rescue rather than buy from a pet shop - plus, it is the only no-kill ferret shelter in the state, and we wanted to support that. They also take in the ferrets that the Humane Society would otherwise euthanize.

We haven't picked out names for them yet. The names they came to the shelter with are 'Kiki' and 'Rikki', but we're going to change them. Suggestions welcome! We have picked the names... for the male, Finnius Longbottom ~ and for the female, Talula =)

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*warning ~ lots of pics! (NOT dial-up friendly)

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